• Sales agent for Chilean salmon
    Best quality Chilean products
  • Thirty years experience
    Availability all year round
  • Frozen salmon is the most fresh
    since frozen at the processing plants


30 years experience. Availability all year round


• Guaranteed inspection reports for clients to approve or reject upon reception for each lot, your eyes in Chile at the place of production.
• Can offer HON, HG and fillets for Atlantic Salmon, trout and frozen coho salmon.  All presentations available.
• Best meat color according to
each buyer’s requested needs.

Capacity and freshness

• Great potential to increase offered tonnage at market prices to guarantee supply of what the customer exactly needs in whatever product form required for final usage or for reprocess.  Quality control at origin  in Chile throughout the entire county, we guarantee freshness, good quality is our strength.
• Frozen salmon is the freshest quality since frozen at the processing plants very quickly and efficiently.  Blue back bright shinny skin color.


• From the deep purest Pacific Ocean waters the main Chilean salmon growers supply the raw material and produce at their highly reputable processing plants. 
• First class top trained staff and equipment running all year long in 2 to 3 shifts per day. 
• Guaranteed supervision, high standard compliance and top meat color.


• Currently selling to Asian countries, mainly Japan with the most demanding quality and microbiological test requirements for raw consumption.
• Also shipping salmon to Hong Kong and Vietnam, have as well supplied Spain, Norway, Mexico and Canada.  Can provide worldwide. 
• The most tasty Chilean salmon. 
• Direct exports from the producers to importers worldwide.

Comercial SK - Sonia Kiblisky - PIC managing director


Chilean salmon and other seafood

  • Sushineta
  • Salmon Trout
  • Meat Color

About THe Company


Our Work place in Chile

In the seafood business for over 30 years with broad knowledge of salmon and its various specifications, productive processes and the Chilean salmon industry in comparison with other origins. Evolution of the salmon trade in Chile and how it has changed over time.

Can provide dedicated services of spotting the right product form for each individual buyer’s needs and strict quality control from hatchery to final product packed and boxed. Also provide constant advice in documentation and export services so as to supply a full range well managed and totally informed process to each client. Full traceability available, detailed inspections to each lot. Can comply with tonnage requirements all year round 24/7 availability.

Main products offered are frozen Atlantic Salmon HON, Fillets in various trims C, D, E skin on and off. Salmon trout HG, fillets and different value added products and trims. All in frozen state, full range of sizes and qualities.

Languages English, Spanish and French.


Sonia Esther Kiblisky

PIC Managing Director

Sofía Andrea Retamal

Traffic Manager

Samuel Enrique Martinez

Quality Control


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